Offering daily ninety-minute guided tram tour of some of Washington Islands best known attractions. Each tour goes around to the four main points of interest. When reaching each stop you are able to experience the destination for about 15 minutes, and if you would like to stay longer you can catch the next train. The viking train allows its passengers to see some of the most visited sights on Washington Island with friends and family.


The Viking Train takes guests on a four stop tour of Washington Island. Each stop along the route allows visitors the opportunity to get off the tram and experience each destination in person. The following four locations are featured on this guided tour.


Town Line Road, Washington Island

The Stavekirke is a place for spiritual meditation and worship. It was dedicated as a Christian house of worship in August 1995. The Stavekirke is patterned from an ancient style of church construction found in Norway during the medieval times. This building is both a replica and tribute to Washington Island's large Scandinavian heritage.


1824 Washington Harbor Road, Washington Island

Located on Washington Harbor, which has an average depth of about 100', is our most popular swimming beach. Forget world travel, here you will find one of only 5 beaches like this in the world. The other 4 beaches are in Sweden, Norway, Nice, France and Mexico.


1176 Main Road, Washington Island

Mann's Mercantile is our only year round shopping store. You'll find toys, postcards, souvenirs, T-shirts and even a True Value Hardware store. Don't miss the delicious homemade fudge, personally sampled by your tour host to ensure quality and taste! (you get the idea).

Farm Museum

1675 Jackson Harbor Rd, Washington, WI 54246

Farm buildings from various locations on the Island were moved here and reassembled on our 20 acres. Housed in the nine buildings are collections of farm implements, old time tools and kitchen items. There is special emphasis on the period from 1870-1940. Wednesdays in July are for family crafts, free wagon rides and demonstrations of rag rug weaving from 1-3pm. Small farm animals in a pen and a photo collection representing early farm life in Wisconsin are on display. A Cider Pressing Party on Columbus Weekend is an annual event at the Farm Museum.



The Viking Train schedule follows similar structure to the Island Clipper schedule to allow our guests to begin their ninety minute narrated tour upon arriving to Detroit Harbor on Washington Island. We allow our guests riding the Viking Train to stay at any stop and board a later train for your enjoyment.